To Mr. Samaras, candidate for ruling Greece

Mr. Samaras,
  • you are aware of the problem with Skopje; they want to build their own myth and you did your best in the 90s to make them as intransigent as they could possibly be; a more wise management would have rather bought them off. You preferred to challenge as if they were the most vicious enemy of Greece. A compromise could have been reached, some north Macedonia or something similar.
"Tell me who you choose as your opponent and I tell you who you are". You chose the Skopjans as your opponent. You can therefore only be an insignificant politician. Like those US conservatives who want to combat socialism and refer to Greece (!) and its abundant communists (!!). But they stay silent about Sweden.
  • you are aware of the problem with Greece; your party did its best along with PASOK to ruin the country. Now, however, there are some voices in ruling PASOK calling for rational behavior. Instead, you go around Europe and preach a gospel nobody will understand. Arn' t you fed up to be looked at as a strange being speaking incomprehensible jargon? Is the whole of Europe confused? Why nobody can' t understand you? Why are you the only who has seen the "Truth"?
Mr Samaras, you have seen no truth. You just want to get hold of power; it is so simple. In such a critical moment there are just a handful of patriots in the ruling PASOK. You know this; and you know their names:

Mosialos, Diampantopoulou, Floridis, Loverdos, and a few more.

A great lot in PASOK and, alas!, almost all of your ridiculous stock in your absurd, pseudo- liberal party are selfish idiots, that built a client state to serve their interests and are now siding with every criminal and fascist trade unionist who does not give a damn for public health (see the garbage collection issue) or continuously insists to take action on our behalf (see the idiot / fascist Photopoulos, manager of the electric company) to save us from the EU, and beyond, evil forces that exist in their greedy, or sick, or sick because of greed, minds.

You know Mrs. Delta. Mr. Samaras, or not? Of course you do! Mrs. Delta shot a bullet through her head because she could not watch the Nazis marching in her country.

Is it so difficult for you at this last moment to side with the few patriot forces? Mr. Papandreou will be forgiven for his ugly lies like the famous "There is a lot of money".

You will NOT and NEVER be forgiven!

NB: I saw, on the TV, your consultant, Mr. Lazaridis. What a waste, what a pity. I remember Chrissanthos from our young, revolt days, when he was a most inspirational figure of Rigas Ferraios, B' Panelladiki. His texts, those days, where full of passion and radical ideas.

I felt very sad in the first 10 minutes and fell asleep out of boredom.

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  1. Greece should return to growth in 2014, Mr. Reichenbach (Head of the EU Task Force in Greece) said. Perhaps that made some people feel good. Excuse me; feel good?

    Another at least 2 years of economic decline? Put differently: another at least 24 months of a development which has already tested social peace quite noticeably every month? By the way, growth after 5 years of decline is not growth; it is only the beginning of getting back to where one already was before.

    Now if that is not a final call that something needs to be done urgently to revive a dead economy, then I don’t know what is. Or does anyone really believe that social peace can survive another 24 months the experiences of the last 24 months?

    A well-known international consulting firm published a report which suggests how 500.000 new jobs could be created over the next 10 years. Over 100 specific projects are identified. What should be done?

    Well, first of all – read the report! Secondly, take the first 10 projects, implement them in 2012 and create 50.000 new jobs next year. Any further questions?

    Yes; who should finance this? Well, certainly not the government because government money tends to end up in the wrong pockets (and the government has no money anyway). Private money should finance it! But who would invest in Greece these days?

    Any investor will invest in Greece if he is offered an interesting project, a security for his investment and a competitive business framework. Can this be done quickly in the whole country?

    No, it cannot! But it could be done very quickly in selected parts of the country. The Chinese didn’t want to throw out communism but they also saw that without some capitalism they would never get their feet on the ground. So they started with selected Free Trade Zones. Why not learn a bit from the Chinese?

    So the recipe is quite simple: take the first 10 projects for 2012; structure them professionally and invite bids from investors; define zones where investors are offered all the security, economic framework and profit potential which they desire --- and get started!

  2. exactly Klaus!

    thats exactly the kind or things one should be doing here;


    thats exactly the kind of things that noone is paying any attention at!

    the PM is explaining his big victory!! and how he finds socially just the collapse also of the banks, i.e., the one and only local business that had some strong export oriented activity

    unless leadership changes, and changes radically, we are doomed

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