About my friend Thakis

Thakis is a friend, a skilful engineer and an innovative, investigative and alert and not sleepy academic. I could easily place him among the most exceptional people I' ve ever met. Incidentally, I have great respect for his father, who also followed an exceptional career.

Thakis is a person that in any western society would be considered a unique human asset.In Greece however, he recently told me he is considering immigrating to Australia. It broke my spirit; I reflected on it several times later in the most depressive mood.

All sorts of colourful idiots parade day and night on streets and TV channels, speaking nonsense, breaking our nerves and making our lives miserable. But Thakis, with all these exceptional capacities, recently married with a new born in hands, needs consider immigrating to Australia. This is Greece, in year 2011.

I don't think the country can go much far Thakis. But, as an exception to my style, I' ll issue a small piece of advice, indirectly, via my personal paradigm.

I will go nowhere Thakis! Τα καράβια μου καίω! I will stay here to reclaim the country from its occupation army and use any tiny little opportunity to push it out of the irrational spiral it has been pushed into.

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