Mr. Papandreou against the world of rational species

Its more and more difficult to come in terms with our Greek reality.

G. Papandreou ambassador of the problems of Greece and seeking an urgent and huge financing for the Greek debt problem (created by him and his predecessors for 30 years) mobilized all the EU and beyond for a significant period of time in search of this solution. A process that makes the headlines for several months now and which seemed to converge last week to a tedious, early dawn solution. A few days after that G.P raised the referendum issue to the greatest astonishment of the world politicians, the global community, the press and the financial institutions, stock markets included. Rage and laughter has resulted at an unprecedented, massive, scale.

There is no way to debate politically all this. The initiative just-does-not-make-sense for any ordinary person of this world. It just shows infinite disregard for the efforts of so many prestigious leaders of the EU and beyond. It shows zero respect to the money of poor countries like Slovakia who were pressed to support the bailout plan. It exceeds any known level of arrogance and self catastrophic ignorance.

The idea that all this was made in the name of democracy is utterly laughable. Uninformed and angry citizens have no reason to make any right decision. That's not what democracy is about

There is only room to stay speechless, disgraced and wondering if this unending nightmare will ever end.

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  1. The Greek Euro-question seems primarily political instead of economic. A Euro-exit at this time would carry an extremely high political risk. Just imagine: a population which – after 10 years of living in paradise – has now taken financial beatings for 2 years and is preparing for another 2 years of such beating. And suddenly, in the midst of that, Greece exits the Euro and all domestic financial assets are worth 30-40% less (or even more). Banking deposits alone amount to roughly 200 billion EUR, not to even think of pension funds, etc. Would this not lead to anarchy?

    A few weeks ago and a bit in an Ouzo mood, the thought crossed my mind that Greece could introduce the Drachma as parallel currency to the Euro. The more I have thought about it then, the more I wonder why this would not be an idea which one should give further thought. I look forward to reactions. Details on my “Ouzo-thoughts” are in this link.