Total Eclipse

In Greece, the trust relationship between citizens and government, so fundamental for democracy, is now defunct. The clientelism policies of the last 30 years have alienated the majority of the society and ruined any sense of a common goal. The outrageous, wasteful and eventually catastrophic policies benefited, of course, a significant part of the society. Most of it, however, did not. In either case, there is no trust any more. A vast part of society behaves as if it were under foreign occupation. Resisting in all possible way to pay taxes or yield any territory to the occupation army (the term in fact was first introduced some 10 years ago by EU delegate, G. Marinos). Knowing that any penny paid in, will just sustain hundreds of thousands of useless regime officers and soldiers.

The political system needs to get going. It is incompetent, corrupt and old. New people need to enter the scene, speaking less big words and looking into the tedious day to day tasks rather than adopting absurd and failed ideologies, such as a soviet type socialism under a thin layer of democratic administration that has been the lethal, in Greece, mix. Such people exist. A good example is the current government spokesman, Mr. Mosialos, who left his well paid and cozy London job and came to help his country making clear that this is just a temporary job and not a means to build a shop and get rich. That is the kind of people needed. Having in mind to offer to the country and not to themselves. First condition of course in order to offer is to be of some value; this is where the 90% of  the government and 100% of the other major and totally crippled by incompetence, "liberal" Greek party, fully disqualify.

The public sector needs to be slashed, to reach the percentage of other advanced western societies. Starting from the biggest joke ever; the, so called, entrepreneurial public sector! This is far less than useless. This occupies vital space, creates a thick corruption substrate and actively intoxicates any attempt to create wealth, to produce, to develop. No surpise that only the maritime sector, far from its death touch, has escaped this total eclipse and thrives globally.

Unless this project unfolds, unless trust is rebuilt, Greeks reclaim their country and restore confidence to their elected governments, all attempts and bailouts to manage debt and deficits will be futile. And sheer, ridiculous idiots like the self appointed electric company general manager, Mr. trade unionist, Mr. Photopoulos, will pop up as saviours on our behalf, a bleak reminder of the, similarly proactive, junta idiots, 45 years ago.

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  1. Well said - and to the point. Above and beyond the prominent divorce between the state and the citizen, we suffer from a dispersion of interests. Greek society has no common cause - no concommitant views or consolidating interests. No definition of a shared "self". What is the greek identity today? Are we a nation? Are we a mafia of raiders seeking to maximize material benefit (typical of modern 'western' countries)? A state, an economy, a way of life - any public undertaking, for that matter - is basically a reflexion of this common understanding. It missing, maybe this is no eclipse, after all. Maybe we just shifted to the dark side of earth.