Beware Mrs. Diamantopoulou! Frankenstein is now loose

Education Minister, Mrs. Diamantopoulou, is making an effort to control the Frankenstein University system, the political parties created in Greece in order to foster their client based society that ruined every single social value and devastated the economy.

University leaders, are, most of them, side by side with Frankenstein if not a vital part of it. Some of them admit that whatever they say or believe, students wont allow this to happen!! So ambitiously they see their role as a mentor of the new generation.

The unbelievable Narcissus and of rather low intelligence spokesman of the Greek party of the Center- Right Mr. Spiliotopoulos reminded us in the Parliament that when they come back to power (hopefully never) they will restore some of the students' votes for the election of the deans, rectors, etc. Instead of  closing down their shops in the universities, the "conservatives" threaten to create even more when they return  (almost certainly never).

It is ironic that Mrs Diamantopoulou became a minister by climbing up the ladder of the same Frankenstein system, she now wishes to dismantle.

Still, her adamant position against the beast is very positive. She has truly engineered, in a very low but also firm tone, severe blows against the beast. She tried to hypnotize it, to combat it in the middle of the summer, when it is more sleepy and relaxed.

Chances are however low, as the beast has now broken free and is now out of control.

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