Greece and Turkey

  • Turkey's real GDP increased since 2000 around 50%; Greece's real GDP, despite the EU money and the massive debt policies, increased around just 25%, before entering what now is a deadly, downward spiral.
  • Turkey is a member of the G20, the twenty most powerful economies of the planet. Greece (with a few noteworthy exceptions such as the maritime biz which thrives, as it stays clear from the death touch of the local political mafia) is traceable only in lists of corruption, and viciously- hostile- to- entrepreneurship practices.
  • Turkey was among the first to practically denounce Qaddafi; Greece among the last. Turkey is training the military of FYROM and seeks to play a “liberator” role in Syria, one of its many, past times, fierce enemies. Greece (via Mr. Samaras) did its best to kick away FYROM and now pretends to know nothing about Syria and the massacres of the Assad family. It is amazing how indifferent the Greek political system, pseudo-left and pseudo-right alike, stays in front of this humanitarian tragedy as well as the most certain loss of a very good Arab friend and ally (Syria).
Of course one should not miss the fact that Turkey is still far from a true western democracy; it carries out repressive policies (Kurds), maintains an illegal occupation army (Cyprus) and keeps on playing the "never saw never heard" game (Armenian massacre). However, it has been moving forward.

Why all this happened recently? Because Turkey had a big leader (Erdogan) and Greece had just ridiculous politicians. How can all this ever change for Greece? Only if citizens step to the forefront and if a new breed of effective, short term politicians is fostered, who do not suffer from cash spending diseases, are not prone to corruption, have a feeling of common sense, and are ready to fight for the obvious and against the many zombies that haunt the political scene in Greece (e.g stalinist skeletons, etc.)

This has been the key concept behind ReCreate Greece (www.dimiourgiaxana.gr)

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