Reaching the turning point

Greek governments have been for thirty years pushing debt on future generations, for reasons of an appalling consumption (Greece has the more per capita Porsche Carreras in the world), for the well being of themselves and their clientele and without creating any development prospect for the country whatsoever. Right or left, for thirty years they have been consistent in hiding from the people the significance of numbers, just hoping that they will have completed their personal life-cycle when the bill shows up.

Now, they are again maintaining the myth that “something will happen”. They carry on with the practice of an irresponsible borrowing and emerge victorious from EU summits that just confirmed that these absurd rates are their best option.

They should rather make the bold statement that their ridiculous 30 year policies have ruined the country. Financial and human capital is currently flowing out of the country at amazing rates. How long can they still afford to cheat? The “austerity” measures will only do for just a tiny little part of the burden of the excessive spreads.

It would be far better to ask for an apology, declare their incompetence and ask for the IMF to take short term control of the country. In the mid term, the diaspora of our country has extremely competent individuals, running the biggest commercial fleet of the world and thriving in many areas outside our occupied, by the incompetent and profligate public administration, country.

They will, hopefully, provide for the mid term solution.

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  1. Mr. Papandreou should be aware that most mid to high class Greeks have already their money abroad, as there is no confidence on one more, out of so many failed, economy convergence plans.

    If he seeks the solution in playing with the currency , shifting back to drachma or similar, will he at least realise that this is a policy NOT AT ALL in favor of the mid to low class citizens he appears to be so much concerned about?